Illuminate The Possibilities

Tech For A Day


The program places a qualified technician in a theatre for an eight hour block of time. The services below are samples of what we offer and what we cannot do.  Services do not include the costs of any necessary lamps or parts.

We will:

Fixtures and cables

  • Replace lamps
  • Repair/replace connectors
  • Bench focus lighting instruments
  • Hang and focus
  • Add safety cables
  • Clean instruments
  • Assess lighting inventory & make recommendations
  • Test and repair jumper cable
  • Teach class how to do all of the above


Dimming Systems

  • Troubleshoot circuits/dimmers
  • Repair dimmers (Strand, ETC only)
  • Test circuits
  • Coordinate electrical repairs with electrician



  • Re-program Unison, Paradigm, and
  • Patch consoles
  • Teach class on basic console operation
  • Repair consoles


Here are some items our technician cannot perform:


  • Design light plots
  • Replace houselights
  • Provide any lifts, ladders, or scaffolding
  • Clean racks, because that is part of the Annual Service Contract (ASC)
  • Clean-up, paint, or organize backstage spaces


Give us a call at 713-942-0555 and ask for Technical Service.