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Service Rates


Flat Rate Services
StageLight offers flat rate services for commonly requested repairs as follows:

Ellipsoidal socket replacements $ 65
Fresnel socket replacements $ 75
PAR 64 socket replacements $ 35

Dimmer Modules

ETC D20 module (2.4kw) $150
ETC D50 module (6.0kw) $180
Strand CD-80 and CD-80AE (2.4kw) $ 95
Strand CD-80SV (2.4kw) $145
Strand CD-80 and CD-80AE (6.0kw) $140

Dimmer Electronics

Strand CD-80 Ramp card $100
Strand CD-80 Power Supply cards $150

Prices and parts availabilty are subject to change.

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