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Source Four LED

 The ETC Source Four LED, featuring brillant colors, low heat and energy efficiency is here.

The Source Four LED is designed for venues where energy effiency is highly important, or where seamless and silent color-changing may be needed.  ETC has come out with three versions of the fixture:  The Lustr+, Tungsten and Daylight. 

We recently had the opportunity to put the S4LED through it's paces in the StageLight LightLab

We compared the fixture to conventional S4’s and to some competing LED fixtures.  ETC is quick to point out that the S4LED is not as bright as a conventional S4, but the fixture makes a great first impression with it's many benefits.  Some of our takes:

  • Its 7-color mixing is similar to the Selador, providing a wider color range than expected.
  • The red color shift option emulates tungsten dimming performance.
  • We think the Source4 LED is a good solution for on-stage color washes, high side and side light positions.
  • We like the Soft Focus Diffuser ETC is including with the fixture.  When used with a gobo it reduces the halo effect, and produces a nice homogenized light when not in sharp focus.
  • The dimming curve is one of the best in its class. 
  • For anyone worrying about heat build up, fear not! There is an incredibly quiet internal fan which will allow it to operate in environments ranging from -20 to +40°C with no drop in output.
  • Up to nine fixtures can be linked via power in/thru connectors per 15A circuit -- Always a plus.
  • The control interface is the same user interface and software as Selador Desire LED family.  User settings, quick setups and operational modes let you customize to your specific application.
  • The S4LED uses the same lens tubes, pattern holders, and color frames as standard S4's, which saves you money. 


Below are each of the fixtures, their features, and links to profile pages.  We've also included a video that demonstrates the fixtures and a link to the spec sheet for the S4LED. 

Source Four LustrSource Four DaylightSource Four Tungsten

Source Four LED Video Source Four LED Spec Sheet