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 AMBIENT OVERTEMP Ambient temperature higher than 114ºF Adjust dimmer room temperature
AMBIENT TEMP HIGH Ambient temperature higher than 104ºF Adjust dimmer room temperature
AMBIENT TEMP LOW Ambient temperature lower than 32ºF  Adjust dimmer room temperature
BACKUP MISMATCH Backup look error Transfer correct backup look from another rack, or update to current looks.
CONFIG MISMATCH  Configuration Error Transfer correct configuration from another rack
DATA ERROR PORT (A,B) Data transfer error on DMX512 port Check DMX512 port input cable and connector
DIMMER OVERTEMP One or more dimmers are overheated Check fans, intake, and exhaust for obstructions or adjust dimmer room temp.
ETCLINK FAILED ETCLink interface enabled but not responding Check all ETCLink cables and connectors
FREQUENCY ERROR Feed power frequency is not 50 or 60 Hz (+/- 1Hz) Check input frequency
NO AIRFLOW Insufficient airflow detected  Check fans; check intake and exhaust for obstructions
NO DATA PORT (A,B) DMX512 port enabled, but no data received Confirm that DMX512 source device is turned on; check DMX512 port input cable and connector
OVERTEMP # Dimmer has overheated, shut down Press [Clear] to reset dimmer. If problem repeats, check airflow or replace dimmer module
PHASE (A,B,C) ERROR Phase voltage below 90V or above 140V Check line feed
PHASE (A,B,C) OFF All dimmers on phase off due to voltage error Check line feed
PHASE DETECT FAIL CEM Couldn't read phasing of incoming feed Replace CEM or check input power service
PROCESSOR FAIL CEM input/output processor not responding Replace CEM
SYSTEM ERROR System configuration data wrong or corrupted Replace CEM or check setup configuration
TEMP SENSOR STUCK Ambient temperature sensor is stuck Replace CEM
ZERO CROSSING ERROR CEM Hardware Failure Replace CEM
The messages below are active in AF systems only
*These messages do not cause the beacon to flash
DC OUTPUT # DC component sent to load on dimmer Check devices on dimmer
DIM FAIL # Control signal sent to dimmer; no output detected Check dimmer's circuit breaker; replace power cube (SCR)
*LOAD CHANGE* Load has changed from recorded load Correct load or re-record
MOD. REMOVED # Dimmer removed from rack Reinstall dimmer module
*NO LOAD DIM # * Dimmer on, but no load on line Replace lamp
SCR FAIL SCR stuck on or off, or output stuck on Replace power cube (SCR)