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theater rigging inspection

A periodic inspection of your venue’s rigging reduces your liability risk and insures your facility is safe to operate.

Whether your system consists only of dead-hung battens, a full manual counterweight system, a motorized system, or a combination of all of these, the rigging system in your facility is vital to the success of your productions and your program.  It also has the potential of being the most dangerous system in your facility.  Comprehensive, regular inspections of your rigging system, along with regular maintenance and training, is an excellent way to protect you and your facility.

StageLight’s Rigging System Safety Inspections are performed by an ETCP Certified Rigger.  Our inspector will examine all of the components of your rigging system for any problems that, if left unattended, could lead to failure of the system to perform correctly and safely.  Depending on the size and complexity of your system, the inspection can take as little as one day, and our inspector will provide a written, detailed report stating the findings as well as recommendations for repairs or replacements that may be necessary. 



A Rigging Inspection From StageLight:

  • - Identifies and records all the rigging assets of your facility.
  • - Determines the current physical condition of those assets.
  • - Cleary states any life–safety concerns that may exist.
  • - Makes recommendations for system maintenance, including correction of existing rigging irregularities.

Inspection Benefits:

  •  -Insure the safety of your staff and patrons.
  • - Identify backstage
  • - hazards before they happen.
  • - Reduce your liability risk.
  • - Protect your investment.

StageLight’s Rigging System Safety Inspections are available for $2,295 in the immediate Houston area, and $2,295 plus travel expenses in other areas.  

If you are interested in more details, have questions, or wish to schedule an inspection,

Call 800-942-0555

Or email us HERE


USITT Rigging Initiative

Safety should be the number one priority in your theatre, especially when students are involved.  In recognition of this, the United States Institute for Theatre Technology has a Rigging Safety Initiative which encourages secondary schools to apply for a rigging inspection, with the costs covered by USITT.  You or your school do not have to be USITT members to apply.  

If you are interested in applying to have an inspection paid for by USITT, fill out the application at